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Mom Of Bullied Girl Says School Needs To 'Step Up'

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An Ohio middle school student skipped her first day of school after she reportedly received death threats from fellow students, her mom says.

Madison Motsinger was performing on her cheerleading squad last year when she was hit by a teammate, WCPO reported. Eventually, Madison quit the squad. This year, when Madison decided to rejoin the team, she went to a bonfire sleepover in order to bond with the other girls.

During the Friday night sleepover, the other cheerleaders doused Madison and her bag with glitter that gave her an allergic reaction. In a Facebook chat, one student even suggested killing Madison in front of her family.

“I f****ing hate her existence and every time I see her I think of Satan,” one student wrote.

Others suggested that Madison should be punched in the ovaries so she would never have children. Another said Madison’s head should be bashed in with a hammer.

“These people she thought were her friends have been talking so bad and now even saying they want to kill her or hurt her,” Madison’s mom, Kelly, told WCPO. “She’s lost a lot of trust in a lot of people.”

The threats reportedly began when the cheer squad decided on a certain hairstyle to wear, then changed their minds. When Madison confronted the coach to ask for advice, the other girls got mad.

The girls have since been suspended for three games. Kelly noted that she hopes to press charges against Madison's bullies, but the police reportedly won’t let her. The police department reported that Madison isn’t in any real danger, but that the case could possibly end up in juvenile court.

The case is currently being investigated as a telecommunications harassment.

Kelly said that Blanchester Middle School’s principal Joel King could not guarantee Madison’s safety at school. Now she is less than confident that her daughter will be safe at school and has called for the school to “step up.”

Sources: WCPO, AOL

Photo Credit: Kelly Motsinger via WCPO


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