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Middle-Aged Twins Commit Suicide After Mounting Financial Problems

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A pair of twin sisters, in their 50s, killed themselves after making a suicide pact when they were forced out of their house due to mounting financial problems.

The two were found shot dead on a trail in Shawnee, Kan. Wednesday, and authorities said the shooting was self-inflicted.

They drove to the trail in a white PT Cruiser.

Their bodies were discovered by a passerby at 3 pm, and were about 150 yards into the park where people tend to jog.

Officers found a gun next to one of their bodies and later discovered a suicide note in their home in Johnson County.

It was reported that one of the twins was recently required to leave her former house due to money problems.

“One day she just said, ‘I’m moving. We’re going to move two blocks over to Roeland Park,’” neighbor Stuart West said. “She said, ‘We’ll be around.’”

Authorities plan to release their names later in the day.

As of now, they have only described them as middle-aged twins, one of them wearing dentures.

Though they suspect their suicide was prompted by financial troubles, they are still investigating the motive.

People who lived near the park reported hearing gunshots before they found the bodies.



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