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Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force Makes Brutal Arrest (Video)

A Mid-Missouri drug task force detective was caught on video appearing to kick a suspect, Timothy Whittle, who was restrained by a second detective.

The video (below) was shot back by a Missouri National Guard helicopter on Sept. 3, 2014.

According to The Kansas City Star, Whittle led police on a chase, stopped his vehicle and tried to run away in the middle of a field.

Whittle eventually stopped, raised his hands, surrendered and lay face down. Detective Kip Bartlett sat on Whittle until Detective Michael Chinn arrived and reportedly kicked Whittle's head. When Whittle looked up seconds later, his face was covered in blood.

The Kansas City Star notes that the police reports don’t describe what the video showed.

“As I approached I observed the suspect Timothy Whittle continuing to turn his head and … attempting to resist by furtive movements,” Detective Chinn wrote in his police report. “While running I swiftly arrived next to the suspect and gave him a dry stun, and an application of a five second burst from the Taser in the center of his back to gain compliance and control … At this time the suspect, Timothy Whittle, stop (sic) resisting.”

Detective Kip Bartlett wrote in his police report, “I ordered him to the ground. Once on the ground I attempted to handcuff him. Whittle started stiffing his arms and kept pulling his right arm away. I was telling him to stop resisting.” reports that Detective Barlett claimed that Whittle told him that he hit his head on his own windshield, which caused the cuts. However, there is no blood on Whittle's face after he leaves the SUV and runs into the field.

Neither police report mentions Whittle being kicked.

Whittle, who pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and tampering with a car, is serving a four-year prison sentence.

“We look forward to sharing the truth about the police brutality that goes beyond the video clip shown to the media and the lies used by law enforcement to cover it up,” said Whittle's lawyer Rachel Russell.


Sources:, The Kansas City Star
Image Credit: Missouri National Guard Screenshot


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