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'It's Given Me Hope': Victim Of Head-On Car Crash Is Given New Vehicle

Although still battered, a Saginaw, Michigan, woman says she is feeling a little better about her situation following a fatal crash that totaled her family’s car.

Savannah Peterson and her 8-year-old daughter, Aniya, were both injured in a July 7 head-on crash, according to The accident totaled Peterson’s only vehicle, an SUV that she and her fiance both used to get to and from their jobs. 

But on Tuesday Peterson was shocked to see a 2012 Chevrolet Traverse pull up in front of her home. The car, estimated to be worth $20,000, is a gift from Garber Management Group, a car dealership with multiple locations in the Saginaw area. 

Owner Dick Garber had reportedly reached out to Daryl Watson, Peterson’s stepfather, on Sunday and said he wanted to help the woman because his family had been adversely affected by a car accident in the past. 

“We're really blessed as a company,” Garber told “We've had so much support from the community. That has put us in the position to do more.”

With her leg in a cast, walking with the aid of a walker, Peterson checked out her new vehicle with tears of joy drying on her cheeks. 

“I've been really down,” she said. “I'm thinking I've lost everything and how am I going to bounce back? It's given me hope.”

It will be weeks before she is able to drive though. 

She and Aniya are still recovering from the fiery crash that killed two people and injured another. Investigators told in an earlier story that they are still unsure what caused the accident.

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What is known is that on July 7, shortly after 4 p.m., a Pontiac Grand Prix crossed the center line of Gratiot Road and slammed into the front of Peterson’s SUV. 

Aniya was thrown from the back seat to the front. Peterson said her vision went temporarily black as her airbag deployed, but she quickly realized her situation was dire. 

“The other vehicle was on fire,” she said. “I was worried about us blowing up.”

She yelled for someone to rescue Aniya. 

Eventually, emergency personnel pulled Aniya and Peterson from the vehicle and they were taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. 

The crash killed the driver of the Pontiac, 35-year-old Marci M. Barclay, as well as Robert H. Gross III, 31, who was riding in the back seat. A 19-year-old passenger of the Pontiac, who was not named, was also seriously injured. 

Police are still investigating the crash and awaiting reports from autopsies and toxicology tests. 

Sources:, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail,


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