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Woman Allegedly Throws Soda At 8-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome, Calls Him An 'Idiot'

A Michigan woman faces charges for allegedly throwing her drink at a boy with Down syndrome inside a Taco Bell.

While 8-year-old Isaiah Ramos was enjoying tacos with his mom, 69-year-old Joyce Fallon reportedly attacked him unprovoked, according to WSPD.

"I'm really hurt that a grown woman would treat an 8-year-old, even if he didn't have a disability, I'm really upset that anyone would do that to a child,” Isaiah's mom, Andrea Ramos, told ABC 13.

According to Andrea, Isaiah was playing quietly in his seat, excited to be at the fast food restaurant.

"He was quiet, he wasn't doing anything that I noticed," she said. "The lady turns around and was like 'can you stop?' He looked at her confused, he didn't know what he did."

Andrea added that she still does not know what Isaiah did to upset the woman, but the pair exchanged words, and Fallon quickly grew angry.

"She had a cup in her hand and I watched her take the lid off and she chucked her drink at the back of my son's head," Andrea said. "I was like 'stop, he doesn't understand; he has Down Syndrome, he doesn't understand what you're saying.' She looked at him and said, 'so, you're stupid, you're an idiot.'"

Andrea ran outside and managed to take a picture of Fallon's license plate before she drove away. She then called police and reported the assault.

"I came back in and I sat down and was just holding him, rocking him because he was crying," Andrea said.

Local police said that they interviewed witnesses and were able to track down the woman using her license plate. Fallon now faces misdemeanor assault and battery charges, WSPD reports.

Fallon said that she threw the drink at Andrea after she insulted the woman and called her names.

"I didn't take him to a real nice restaurant; he didn't ruin their meal," Andrea told ABC 13. "They could have moved or they could have asked me to move him."

Isaiah, who is normally a happy-go-lucky kid who enjoys watching videos and spending time with his siblings, has reportedly not yet asked to go back to Taco Bell. Andrea hopes that her son has not been too badly traumatized.

Sources: ABC 13, WSPD / Photo Credit: ABC 13

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