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Michigan Woman Shoots McDonald's Window After Getting Wrong Order

Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, will spend at least two years in jail after being found guilty of shooting at a McDonald’s drive-thru window after an employee got her order wrong.

Torres had ordered two bacon cheeseburgers at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, location when an employee handed over the incorrect order: a bacon cheeseburger with no bacon. When she complained, a manager offered her a free burger at her next visit. However, the second burger was also served without bacon.

In response, Torres took to shooting the fast food location. According to drive-thru cashier Essence Lake, Torres shattered the glass drive-thru window with a bullet just as she went to retrieve the correct order. At first, Lake believed that the popping noise from the gun was the coffee pot overheating and exploding.

Had Lake been standing behind the window, the bullet would have struck her in the forehead, she said.

After denying she was responsible for the shooting, Torres finally admitted to commiting the crime.

“There was no reason,” Torres said during a police interrogation. “It was just dumb.”

Torres could spend up to five years in prison for shooting an occupied building and illegally carrying a concealed weapon, in addition to a minimum of two years for the felony use of a firearm.

Sources: Boing Boing, Fox News / Photo Credit: Boing Boing


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