After an Officer Shot Woman’s Dog, He Arrested Her Boyfriend For Questioning The Incident

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A woman is outraged after a police officer, who was chasing a suspect through neighborhood backyards, shot her puppy in her own backyard.

Bianca Alakson said that the 10-month old lab/pit bull mix was in the backyard, which is marked with a “beware of dog” sign, at around midnight on Sunday morning.

“He wasn’t the protector-of-the-house type dog,” Alakson’s boyfriend, Ryan Showalter, said of the puppy. “He was just the greet-everybody-and-love-them-to-death type dog.”

When a police officer, who was in pursuit of a suspect, barged into the fenced-in backyard, he found himself facing the puppy, Rock.

Alakson said that the police officer who jumped into her yard was scared by the dog, and shot him.

When Showalter questioned police about the incident, officers proceeded to handcuff and arrest him for interfering with a police investigation.

Showalter maintains that he was merely asking what had happened to his dog.

“I was breaking down hysterically in the back seat of the cop car, crying,” Showalter said.

Alakson has since bailed him out; Showalter has not been charged.

The officer has said that he was “charged” by the dog. He stated that he fired a round at the dog because he feared for his own safety; when the dog continued advancing, he fired again.

Police noted that they caught a glimpse of the suspect they were chasing through a window, and gained entry to the woman’s property through an unsecured gate that led into the backyard.

The incident occurred in the 19000 block of Norborne Street.

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