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Michigan Woman Sara Ylen Accused of Faking Sexual Assault

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Michigan woman Sara Ylen was charged with making a false report of rape and tampering with evidence on Tuesday after a doctor reported that she had wiped makeup from her skin that she claimed were bruises.

Ylen accused two men of raping her at her Lexington home in September saying she had been bound while taking a nap.

She reported the incident to police eight days after it supposedly happened and was examined by Dr. William Starbird. When he attempted to clean her cuts and bruises, Starbird said they faded. He later found a discarded makeup compact in the examination room.

Detective Sergeant James Johnson spoke with Ylen in September recalling her testimony as a careful and detailed account of her assault.

“She was quiet, she was very detailed, she took her time giving me the information,” Johnson said.

Prosecutor Suzette Samuels presented five witnesses to contradict Ylen, though she said she could have called 30 considering this is not the first case in which Ylen has been caught lying.

In a separate incident, she was accused of lying about having cancer and tricking an insurance company. She was later charged with fraud.

In a second case, Ylen accused James Grissom of raping her. Grissom spent 10 years in prison before he was released and pardoned of the charges.

Ylen is facing six felony count charges, including four of false pretense, using a computer to commit a crime and health care fraud.

A preliminary examination is scheduled for July 9.

Sources: Yahoo News, The Times Herald


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