24-Year-Old Woman Charged With Murder For Leaving Newborn To Die In Garage


A Michigan woman is facing charges for the death of her newborn son today after it was discovered that she allegedy left him to freeze to death in a garage before dumping him in a recycling bin. Her attorney noted that she “did as well as she could” in caring for the baby.

Angela Alexie, 24, is charged the felony murder and child abuse in the death of her son. She was reported to have given birth to the child on her own around Christmas time in an unattached garage at a friend’s home.

Police stated that Alexie would go to and from the home to the garage to feed the baby and check on him. Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said the child “must have suffered greatly” while living in the garage with temperatures in the 30s.

The baby -- unofficially named Henry Alexander Macomb by morgue workers -- died on Christmas Eve. He was found bundled naked in a black t-shirt at a Michigan recycling center in Jan. 14. Investigators believe his body was put into a recycling bin sometime around Jan. 13.

“Based on her severe lack of parenting skills, limited intelligence and lack of family support, she did as well as she could in feeding and caring for the child,” said Steven Kaplan, Alexie’s attorney.

Kaplan also stated that the defense will release all burial responsibilities to the state. The Macomb community plans to pay for the funeral and burial of the child.

Alexie has three other children who are in foster care.

Sources: UK Daily Mail, Detroit Free Press Photo Credit: KRQE, WikiCommons


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