Michigan Woman Found Dead In Garage After Six Years


Online auto-payments offer an easy way for individuals to pay bills without having to worry about writing checks. Although this is a convenient method of payment it can also be dangerous, especially if you’re not regularly monitoring your accounts. For one Michigan woman, the payments just kept going — even after she died. 

In fact, it was the continuation of those auto-payments that made her death go unnoticed, perhaps for as long as six years. The woman, an unnamed individual living in Pontiac, Michigan, continued making auto-payments on her mortgage until her bank account ran out. According to NBC 2, the account eventually ran dry and the woman’s bank foreclosed on the house. 

When a bank employee went to the property to repair a hole in the roof, he discovered the woman’s body. She was allegedly sitting in the backseat of her car, with the key halfway in her ignition. The discovery perplexed investigators, who claimed that the woman might have been dead for as long as six years. 

Although the cause of the woman’s death is still unknown, her body was found mummified, CBS Atlanta reports.

Neighbor Caitlyn Talbot explained that she didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary because the woman was often leaving her house to travel. 

“She really kept to herself. We never really heard anything from her. She was probably there for a couple of days, then she’d leave for a week, then she’d come back. Then she’d leave for a month and come back,” Talbot said. 


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