Michigan Woman Charged With Suffocating Newborn After Surprise Birth

A Michigan woman who didn’t know she was pregnant allegedly suffocated her newborn baby girl after the surprise birth.

Melissa Mitin, 24, brought the unresponsive baby into a Lansing hospital on Dec. 26.

The Okemos woman was arrested May 12 after a county medical examiner found the infant’s death was “homicide due to a positional asphyxiation or due to a positional cause.”

Mitin allegedly delivered her baby at home and the infant died just minutes after she took her first breaths.

According to a court hearing transcript, police said the baby’s death “had been intentional - or intentional acts involved in [an] attempt conceal this birth.”

Arraigned on murder charges in 55th District Court earlier this month, Mitin is free after posting $5,000 bond.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June.

Sources: Lansing State Journal, New York Daily News


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