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Michigan Woman Charged With Abuse After Shaking Boyfriend's Baby Boy

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A baby boy in Michigan is now in critical condition after his father’s girlfriend reportedly harmed him.

Nicholas Kuras’ mother died from a sudden asthma attack just 5 months after he was born. In February, Kuras’ health took a turn for the worst when his father, Kevin, began spending more time with his girlfriend, Hilary Ulp.

According to family friend Rachel Grosso, red flags began to pop up when Ulp entered Kuras’ life.

“Every time Hilary walked in the baby would cry,” Grosso said. “I kept telling [Kuras] that’s a red flag. Babies love everybody.”

Grosso’s fears became a reality on Friday when Nicholas suddenly became unresponsive after playing with Ulp. Mr. Kuras had gone to play cards and left the two alone on Thursday, which is when authorities believe Ulp injured Nicholas.

“I went in there to pick him up and he was stiff,” Mr. Kuras said. “His head went all the way back and that’s when I said call 911 and held him.”

After being rushed to the hospital, it was discovered that Nicholas had suffered a broken pelvis, collar bone, four broken ribs and a bleeding brain. Ulp was arrested as a result and charged with first degree child abuse.

According to the doctor, Ulp picked Nicholas up, squeezed his frame and shook him. As a result, authorities have considered the case one of shaken baby syndrome.

Mr. Kuras attributed the actions to jealousy, but he’s unsure why Ulp was jealous of his son in the first place. Kuras added that he is “praying to God” that there’s no long-term damage to his son and that Nicholas will hopefully be able to grow up safe without suffering.

Ulp, a divorcee, has an 11-year-old child of her own, though there have been no previous reports of abuse. A further investigation into the case is currently being performed.

Sources: Fox News, Detroit News / Photo Credit: Fox News


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