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Michigan Woman Arrested After Drunk Dialing 911

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A Lake Leelanau, Michigan, woman was arrested in the early morning hours of Sunday after she drunk dialed 911 following an argument with her boyfriend.  

The woman, 23, was arrested for drunk driving after she called emergency services a little after 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. During the call she asked for a police officer.

“Dispatchers couldn’t understand what the woman needed and believed that she sounded intoxicated,” said a statement by the sheriff’s office. They added that the call was disconnected and attempts to call her back were unsuccessful.

Sheriff’s deputies were in the area when the woman drove into a driveway where the police were stationed.

There she told police that she had called 911 after fighting with her boyfriend.

She said that she did not get assaulted.

The woman then failed a series of field sobriety tests given to her by the deputies and was then arrested for drunk driving.

After posting a $100 bond, she was released from jail.

According to, a crash resulting from drunk driving occurs every two minutes with about 28 people dying as a result of it each day in the United States alone. The rate of drunk driving is highest among those between the ages of 21 and 25.

Source: NBC, MLive,

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