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Woman Charged With Murder After Allegedly Giving Birth In Office Bathroom, Shoving Baby In Desk Drawer

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Detroit woman Kimberly Pappas, 25, was charged with murder and child abuse on Friday after reportedly giving birth at work and hiding the newborn in a plastic bag.

The baby was discovered on March 31 shortly after his birth in a Redford Township, Michigan, business, police said at the Pappas' arraignment. Pappas apparently worked at the business as a temporary employee.

According to prosecutors, Pappas gave birth to a “live full term child,” then sealed him in a plastic bag and hid him at her desk until the end of the work day, CBS News reports. Pappas reportedly used cuticle scissors to cut her son’s umbilical cord.

Police were called after coworkers discovered a pool of blood in the bathroom.

An autopsy revealed that the child had lived for 20 to 30 minutes before dying of suffocation.

Redford Township District Judge Karen Khali reportedly called the case “very difficult” on Monday.

It’s believed that Pappas was able to hide the pregnancy from her coworkers and family, according to investigators.

Under Michigan law, parents can anonymously surrender their children within 72 hours of birth. 

Sources: CBS News, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: Redford Township Police via KTLA, NY Daily News


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