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Michigan Thief Repays Decades-Old $800 Debt, With Interest

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An anonymous Michigan thief sent letters to the local sheriff’s office and the newsroom of a local television station in an attempt to locate a man who the self-confessed crook stole $800 from back in the 1980s.

The author of the letters said that they had lived with the “guilt too long” after breaking into a convenience store about 30 years ago, and included $1200 in the letter addressed to the sheriff’s office. The money was to pay back the debt and account for interest. The letters did not specify a motive.

Barry County Undersheriff Bob Baker got the letter on Monday and was able to track down the owner of the convenience store. The owner of the store confirmed that it was burglarized at some point during the 1980s and that he sold the business in 1988. He was happy to find out that he was going to get his money back but declined to comment on the matter, according to Fox News.

"He was shocked just as much as everybody else was, 'cause this just does not happen every day," Baker told 24 Hour News 8. He added that authorities are working on returning the funds.

The statute of limitations on the crime ran out long ago and the sheriff's department is not going to be reopening the case. "From the legal standpoint, the time has gone by and especially if this has bothered you for 30 years, I think you've suffered enough," Baker said. "I would say that you've made amends."

Source: (Fox News); (Wood TV 8)


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