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Teacher Punished After Mocking Pregnant Student On Twitter

A Wyoming, Mich., public school teacher was given a 13-day unpaid suspension for a sarcastic tweet she wrote about a pregnant student.

"I'm sure the girl who is taking my economics class for the second time will make an excellent mom come December. #sarcasm," tweeted the teacher, who was not identified.

The tweet was discovered by a student who notified a school administrator, Superintendent Thomas Reeder said Friday. That student told WOOD-TV that the class didn’t know the girl was pregnant before the tweet.

"We acted swiftly and appropriately," Reeder said.

Reeder said the teacher is a veteran educator and would not disclose where she works.

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The student’s grade level was also withheld to protect her identity, MLive reported. Reeder said it will be up to the student as to whether she remains in the teacher’s class when the suspension ends.

"The teacher has said that this was 'incredibly poor judgment' on her part, but that does not change what was done," Reeder said. "No teacher, or any other district employee, has the right to put personal information out about students by name or association."

The teacher’s Twitter account is now deactivated.

Sources: MLive, WOOD-TV

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Jerry Lai


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