Michigan State Trooper, Suspect Injure Themselves After Jumping Off Overpass During Chase (Video)


Dashcam video from a recent police chase in Saginaw County, Michigan shows a suspect and a police officer jumping off of a highway overpass at the end of a chase.

Michigan State Police report that officers tried to pull the suspect over for defective equipment on Interstate 675. The man refused to pull over and led police on a chase. Police used stop sticks to stop the man’s car.

After being stopped, the man is seen standing on top of a highway overpass guardrail. Dashcam video shows the man jumping off of the overpass. He is followed by a state trooper who flips over the rail in an attempt to grab the man.

Police report that the men fell “approximately 25 to 35 feet” and both sustained minor injuries. The trooper, Lt. Brian Cole, is at home recovering and has been placed on paid administrative leave. He was released from the hospital and November 2nd and is in stable condition.

Here is the video of Cole and the suspect flipping over the rail:

Source: M-Live


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