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Michigan State Troopers Picked Up Needy Man's Tab At Restaurant

Four Michigan State police troopers reportedly helped a stranger in need by picking up his restaurant tab.

Juan Rios was visiting Saginaw from Texas and had stopped into Tony's restaurant to grab a bite to eat. The man ordering after Rios, however, could only afford fries -- until the state troopers stepped in, reports Fox 2.

The police officers pooled together the money and offered to buy a meal for him -- an act of kindness that Rios made sure didn't go unnoticed by posting about it on his Facebook wall. 

The officers have since been identified as Jeff Jerome, Jeff Short, Zachary Tebedo and Travis Pohl. 

State police Sgt. Yvonne Brantley said the Tri City Post in Saginaw is "all about serving the people and the community." 

On Facebook, Rios reportedly thanked the officers with the following post:

Wow! I am in awe of these cops in Michigan. Justin and I came to Tony's to order the famous steak sandwiches when this group of eight cops were sitting down having their meal and a homeless guy after us was having trouble affording any food. The cashier couldn't help him and the restaurant wasn't gonna help him out with some food as one of the cops told his group(right in front of us) "who's gonna pay for his meal?" Thats bullsh*t he said. So all the cops pulled out money and got the man a sandwich and fries to eat. These police officers were silently amazing! I had to hold back and not look like a little b*tch but that was moving and amazing. It takes one act of kindness to inspire and move someone to do the same. Thank you Police Of Saginaw, MI 

Sources: Fox 2, Facebook/Photo Credit: Facebook, stu_spivack/Flickr


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