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Michigan Residents Stop, Pin Down Would-Be Robber (Video)

A young woman tried to rob 75-year-old Evelyn Searl in Grand Rapids, Mich., yesterday. But as the robber soon found out, she was messing with the wrong town.

After grabbing the victim’s purse, the robber was stopped, tackled and pinned on the ground by several Grand Rapids residents who saw the attempted theft. Residents called police while the robber was held on the ground. The struggle was caught on video by a witness (see below).

While held on the ground, the robber repeatedly told the man holding her down to get off.

“Get off me,” she said in the video. “You’re hurting my back. Get off.”

At one point she even bit the man’s wrist, to which the man responded to by hitting her on the head until she released her bite.

On the video, the robber attempted to explain her attempted theft.

“Dude, she’s rich,” said the female suspect. “She’s eating at a restaurant. I didn’t break her nose. I snatched her purse. It was sitting on the table. I swear to God I wouldn’t hit her.”

While the suspect was being held down, several other residents calmed the 75-year-old victim, who was seen lying on the ground.

Samantha Searl, the victim’s daughter, told police that the only thing of value in her mother’s purse was a $50 camera. Searl said she plans to press charges against the robber.

Police arrived at the scene about one minute after the video ended. The robber was placed in a squad car and taken into custody.


Sources: The Blaze, M-Live


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