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Michigan Police Discover Man's Body A Year After He Died

Police in Michigan found the body of a man who they believe has been dead for a year.

Deputies in Livingston County visited the Tyrone Township home of 69-year-old Gary Richards Buys on Oct. 16, reports USA Today. A neighbor at Buy's cabin in northern Michigan requested authorities check on Buys' main home, according to Sheriff Bob Bezotte.

Police found Buys' decayed body on the kitchen floor.

Authorities found several bottles of liquor in the home, but Bezotte says police have not determined a cause of death.

“We believe he died from natural causes,” Bezotte said. “It still remains open until an autopsy is completed.”

Neighbors noticed Buys' grass yard started to overgrow, but thought of Buys' as a man who kept to himself. 

The neighbor in northern Michigan who contacted authorities told police he had not seen Buys in a long time. He become concerned for Buys after he was unable to reach him after a tree fell onto Buys' cabin.

Bezotte said Buys did not have any known family and lived alone.

"It's sad no one was checking on him or paying attention to him," he said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading causes of death among the elderly are chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Sources: USA Today, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention / Photo credit: Daily Press & Argus


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