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Michigan Parents Angry After School Replaces Mural Of Historical Figures With Obama, Oprah, Other Celebrities (Photo)

Some parents are furious that the “Hall of Heroes” mural honoring historical figures at a Michigan elementary and middle school have been replaced with paintings of President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and other celebrities.

South Arbor Charter Academy in Ypsilanti, Michigan, took down the display of Albert Einstein, Betsy Ross, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, astronauts, and other national and international historical icons, The Blaze reports.

The images have been replaced with the likes of Oprah, Obama, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and the author of “Harry Potter,” J.K. Rowling.

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“This is no longer a hall of heroes,” parent Craig Bergman told Fox News. “Now we have a hall of celebrities.”

He is afraid that the children attending South Arbor Charter Academy will have a distorted view of what defines a hero.

Bergman is not alone in his thinking.

“My biggest concern is my kid seeing these murals for the next four years – thinking they represent what a hero is,” parent Todd Holliday said. “They might be successful business people but they aren’t really heroes.”

Jennifer Hoff, a spokeswoman for South Arbor Charter Academy, told Fox news that the school was only trying to shift from “historical heroes” to “modern-day heroes.”

“Heroes Hall has been a part of the school’s fabric for years,” she said. “In fact, the old mural had been on the wall for at least 11 years. As with all things over time, it was showing its age from the activities of being an active school and needed some repair.”

Bergman also feels the new version of the hall of heroes mural is not balanced.

“Previously, it was very well-balanced and respected a lot of different thoughts,” he said. “Instead, it’s become more of a political issue. There’s definitely a certain genre of pictures here.”

Sources: The BlazeFox News / Photo Credits: Craig Bergman, Joe Crimmings/Flickr


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