Michigan Lunch Lady Fired After Paying Fourth-Graders to Bully Fellow Student


Brooke Wilson-Johnson, a Campus Elementary cafeteria worker in Grand Rapids, Mi., lost her job after reportedly paying fourth grade students to beat up a fellow student.

According to MLive, a district incident report and statements from school employees and students show the contracted employee was seen giving money to a student in exchange for the physical abuse.

The woman reportedly gave at least two more students $1 to beat up the intended student.

“I didn’t believe it,” said the mother of the intended victim, who sources are not identifying. “Who would believe something like that?”

Wilson-Johnson was attempting to retaliate after the 9-year-old student disobeyed her and called her a “pregnant b****.”

“To think that there’s an adult that can be so like twisted to sit there and watch a little boy — a little 9-year-old boy — get beat up, and get enjoyment out of it,” the student’s mother added.

The boy eventually went to resource teacher Renee Lance for help.

“Mrs. Lance, you gotta help me!” said the student, according to the teacher’s statement. “That lunch lady is giving kids a dollar to beat me up.”

Lance and the school cook reported the situation to school principal Bernard Colton, who turned the investigation over to Grand Rapids police, MLive reports. According to police records, Wilson-Johnson did not provide any written statements, but she did admit to Colton that she made the threat to the student. She was fired on Oct. 7.

The cafeteria worker reportedly passed all criminal and background checks before she was hired at Campus Elementary this year.

“You hear something like this and it certainly makes you shake your head,” said Grand Rapids Public School Spokesman John Helmholdt.

The victim’s mother added that her son was pretty badly beaten up from the incident. Helmholdt noted that they are still investigating as to whether or not this is true.

“That’s not something I’ve received a report on,” said Helmholdt. “That doesn’t mean it did or didn’t happen.”

WoodTV added that the mother of the victim is looking for a lawyer and may sue.

Sources: MLiveWoodTV


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