Michigan House Bill Hopes To Ensure You Get A Pint Of Beer, And Nothing Less, At The Bar

A new bill introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives is trying to ensure that when you order a pint of beer, you get a pint of beer.

If it passes, the bill, House Bill 5040, will make it illegal for bars and restaurants to advertise a serving of beer as a pint if it contains anything less than 16 ounces.

“It’s kind of a truth-in-advertising issue,” said bill co-sponsor Rep. Brandon Dillon. “When you sell a product, you have to sell what you’re claiming to be offering. It’s a pretty simple equation. If you offer a pint of beer, you should be selling 16 ounces.”

Dillon says the only people who have raised concerns about the bill are restaurant owners who are afraid they might have to order brand new glassware. But according to Dillon, this isn’t necessary. Instead, Dillon says owners should just stop advertising servings with less than ounces of beer as pints.

Rep. David Knezek, another co-sponsor of the bill, says the bill is a simple solution to the problem of false advertising in the beer sales industry.

“They [consumers] are just looking to get what they paid for,” Knezek said.

Source: NBC, Michigan Legislature


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