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Michigan Groom Arrested After Wedding Ceremony

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A groom in Michigan was arrested shortly after saying, “I do” to his new wife on April 25.

Todd Sandefer, 42, of Milnesville, found himself wearing a set of handcuffs to go along with his wedding ring after Weatherly police officers showed up to the wedding to arrest him.

According to WNEP, Sandefer was taken into custody for two domestic relations warrants as well as two traffic citations.

His previous offenses occurred in 2011. The traffic citations were for obedience to traffic control, and the other was for driving under suspension. 

He was arrested after the wedding but before the reception, which took place in Weatherly, Michigan. The arrest occurred without incident, according to the news station.

His bride visited him in jail on April 29, where she was given his rented tuxedo.

When the story reached Facebook, the comment section was filled with users voicing their opinions.

"Should have done the bride a favor and picked him up (before) the wedding," one user said.

"Hope the woman he married gets a divorce before the honeymoon," another said.

Some users stepped up to defend the man, with one saying, “Do any of you people even know the man if not maybe you should because he is a good guy … one of the happiest days of the man's life was ruined over this …”

Source: WNEPTimes News, WNEP on Facebook

Photo Credit: Weatherly Borough Police via ABC


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