Michigan Girl Stirs Controversy On Facebook After Posting Video Of Turtle Beheading (Graphic Video)


A Michigan girl has sparked outrage after she posted a graphic video online showing her brother slowly beheading a live turtle.

Catrina Shears, 17, of Cedar Springs, was video-taped using pliers to pull the snapping turtle’s head out from its shell while her older brother steps on the turtle, the Daily Mail reports.

As the animal tries to break free, the man takes out a hacksaw and slowly cuts through the turtle’s neck for nearly 20 seconds. 

The turtle can still be seen moving, but it stops after the hacksaw goes deeper. Catrina said they didn’t have time to find an axe, so she and her brother opted for a saw.

The 17-year-old and her brother have apparently been doing this act for years. She didn’t feel affected by it, commenting that she “should have taken a video of the blood squirting” from the turtle’s neck. (Warning: Graphic images)

The 43-second video has been heavily criticized on Facebook with many saying if the siblings wanted to hunt and kill animals for meat, the death should be instant.

Some people said that “decapitation is the humane way to kill a snapping turtle.”

“We are certainly disappointed anyone would post something like that to social media,” the Department of Natural Resources said in a statement, according to Fox8.com, adding that they have seen the video and discussed it with law enforcement. “Although the actions depicted in this video are technically legal under state statute - provided that the capture of the turtle was legal - we would advocate a more rapid means of taking the animal's life. We further hope this turtle was taken for the purpose of human consumption.”

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Catrina was surprised by all the outrage, writing on her Facebook page: “Everyone who messages me saying rude things will also be reported for harassment and cyber bullying if they threaten me etc.”

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Video Source: 9news channel/YouTube


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