Michigan Funeral Home Builds Drive-Thru Viewing Lane

A Michigan funeral home now offers drive-thru viewing services.

Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw installed a drive-thru lane and window so that guests can pay their last respects and view the body from outside.

The home’s president Ivan E. Phillips told MLive he had the idea years ago but only now has turned it into a reality.

He said recently an elderly woman, who lived in a nursing facility, was unable to get inside the chapel to view her husband’s body or attend his funeral.

"She would've got a chance to see him if we had this, so I knew we had to move forward," he explained.

He said many of the older visitors are superstitious of funeral homes.

"Considering the elderly generation that we service, so many people are afraid of funeral homes. So why not be able to do it from your car?" he asked.

The body of the deceased is viewable through a window.

There are at least three other funeral homes with drive-thrus in the country, according to MLive.

Paradise held an open house on Sept. 14 so the public could see the new addition.

"We want to give them an idea of how it works," Phillips said. "We want to service the family in a professional manner."

Sources: MLive, WDIV Detroit

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Elvert Barnes, MLive.com / Jeff Schrier


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