Michigan Elementary School Enforces "No Tag, No Chasing" Policy For Recess

Several kindergarten teachers at New Groningen Elementary School sent home letters to parents recently saying that a “No Tag, No Chasing” policy was set to take effect during the school’s recess sessions.

According to the letter, the games of tag had become too rough recently, and children were being hurt daily. One New Groningen parent posted an excerpt from the letter on the website of Grand Rapids television station WOOD-TV recently.

"The games of tag we have witnessed have turned dangerous. Children are running in packs, pushing, knocking other children over, and making the game dangerous. Several children are getting hurt daily,” the letter said.

New Groningen principal Laurie Poll spoke to media recently about the school’s decision.

"It's just for the safety of the kids. [The teachers'] heart is that they wanted the kids to be safe," Poll said. "It's just that right now, they're learning how to play. They're teaching them how to play safe. It is not that it's a no-tag policy for the rest of the year."

Poll says the teachers modeled safe play for the students at the school yesterday, which "proved to be very helpful for the students."

Source: M-Live, WOOD-TV


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