Michigan Dad Brings Gun to Daughter's School to 'Exercise His Rights' (Video)

A Michigan father filmed himself practicing his right to open carry a .45-caliber handgun into his daughter’s school.

He uploaded the video to Youtube, noting that the incident did not cause panic at the school and that many children didn’t even realize he was armed.

The anonymous man, identified only by his Youtube handle OriginalLordcliff, said he was not required by law to contact law enforcement or the school about carrying the handgun, but he let them know anyway.

The description of the YouTube video says:

Decided to exercise my rights to carry a gun. In a school. As many of you know, federal law prohibits civilians (me) from carrying a gun near a school unless licensed by their state. As a CPL holder I am licensed. Since the CPL language specifically prohibits concealed carry in schools, open carry is fair game. I contacted State police, country sheriff and local LEO's. I also gave the school a heads up. I want to exercise my rights, but not endanger myself or the rights of others while doing it.

In the 8-minute video, the man carries a loaded Taurus 845 handgun and an extra magazine because “Why not? Do you know when you’re going to need one?”

Inside the school he undergoes a fingerprint scan. An office administrator told him, “I hope you realize what this is going to do to all those kids out there.”

“The kids will be alright,” he said.

The man’s young daughter allegedly did not realize he was armed. “Notice the total lack of pandemonium from the gun,” the video caption said.

A female police deputy who accompanied the man in the school agreed with him that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder “blew it” when he refused to sign a bill that would have allowed concealed weapons to be brought into schools.

“To be honest with you that would be better,” the alleged deputy told him. “Because at least, okay, you’re already been through the training, it’s out of sight.”

“The whole point is. It would have been better if he signed it, but he got all emotional,” the video maker said.

The man left the school after half an hour. “I am not in handcuffs,” he said on video as he walked back to his car. “How about that? Exercise your rights.”

Source: TheBlaze


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