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Family's Reaction Is Priceless When Newborn Baby Is Opposite Sex Of Ultrasound (Video)

Kyle and Danielle Williams were thrilled when they discovered in October 2014 that they were going to have a second baby girl. The technician performing their 20-week sonogram broke the happy news to them and they didn't think twice about the reliability of the test, particularly given the fact that there are seldom gender mistakes made when the baby is male.

But after enduring 20 hours of labor on March 2, Williams was given a C-section. Her husband says he could see the baby was not a girl when he was born, but that he couldn't believe his eyes and actually waited for the doctor to confirm it, reports ABC News.

"When the doctor poked his head up and finally announced it was a boy, she thought it was a joke," he said.

Parents so often rely on the 20-week sonogram for gender confirmation that they forget the purpose of it is to check brain development and the chambers of the heart, said ABC News Medical contributor and Ob/Gyn. Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

"Sex is impossible to confirm without a test like amniocentesis that looks at chromosomes," she said.

Given the fact that the Williams' close relatives, including the baby's grandmother, were expecting another little girl to join 2-year-old big sister Peyton, the couple decided to play a joke on grandma. They asked her to change their newborn's diaper -- and, when she did, she received the shock of a lifetime. They caught her priceless reaction on video.

The Williams family planned on naming their second daughter Charlee, but changed their mind when they met their son and named him Bentley. Peyton, who is one of 800 known cases in North America to be diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia, didn't let the name Charlee go to waste and gave it to her doll instead. The family is active in raising awareness for Peyton's condition and started a non-profit organization called Peyton's Pals.

Source: ABC News/Photo Credit: Kyle Williams/ABC News

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