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Michigan Cops Stop Car Pulling Skier On Snowy Road (Video)

Warren, Michigan, received a large snowfall, as did much of the Midwest, on Feb. 1.

During a broadcast on WXYZ on Feb. 1, an unidentified man on skis was shown being pulled down the road by an unidentified driver while Warren Mayor Jim Fouts described the snow conditions (video below).

When WXYZ anchors asked Fouts about the unusual skier, the mayor replied, "It's horrendous, and that driver would certainly get a ticket if there was a police officer in that area. Very dangerous."

According to, that's exactly what happened when a police truck pulled over the car and the skier.

"That's treacherous and foolhardy fun and I would urge all residents to avoid anything like that at all possible, especially because I said the stopping distance, if a car is following close behind, it could be a tragic situation," added Mayor Fouts.

Sources: WXYZ, Image Credit: WXYZ Screenshot


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