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Michigan Police Threaten To Shoot Open-Carry Activist (Video)

Police in Dearborn, Michigan, threatened to shoot a masked and armed open-carry activist on Feb. 5 inside a police station (video below).

James Baker and Brandon Vreeland went to the police department to file a complaint because they were pulled over earlier in the day by the cops (video below).

Vreeland recalled the first incident to Photography is Not a Crime:

Someone saw us getting ready to conduct a First Amendment audit. We were gearing up and they called it in. Then the police followed us and tried to get us to let them search the car. I refused and told them to f*** off. Then we went to file a complaint and this happened.

Baker wore a ski mask into the police department because of frigid temperatures. He also carried a AR-15 assault weapon, a sidearm and a video camera into the police station; Vreeland appeared to carry a camera tripod.

"We felt a little afraid for our lives when we were pulled over, so we figure we better protect ourselves," Baker explains on the video.

Soon after they two men enter the police department, two officers aim their guns at Baker, and shout commands.

One officer yells: "Dude, put that on the ground!" A second officer shouts: "Put it on the ground!" They both yell, "Put it on the ground! On the ground now!"

Baker drops the video camera, which keeps live streaming audio on Facebook.

"Put it on the ground or you are dead!" one officer screams. "I will shoot you! I will put a round in you, sir! Put that rifle on the ground!"

"What the hell is the matter with you?" another officer asks.

Baker tells the cops to calm down.

"Put it down!" a cop yells. "Barrel down, set it down, step back! You're carrying a sidearm as well."

"It's all legal, sir," Baker insists.

"Sir, drop the f******* gun, on your side, now!" an officer orders.

Baker curses at the police, asks what is wrong with them and says he came in to file a complaint.

The police continue to shout warnings, apparently at Vreeland, to step back.

Baker was subsequently charged with three misdemeanors: breaching the peace, failure to cooperate with police and masking his identity by obscuring his face, notes the Detroit Free Press.

Vreeland was charged with breaching the peace, obstructing police and failure to cooperate.

Dearborn police said they are working on a statement.

Vreeland was not armed inside the police station, but the cops found a AR-15 in the trunk of the car that he and Baker used, notes Photography is Not a Crime.

While the logic of carrying guns into a police department may be questionable, Michigan state law does allow "a person to carry a firearm in public as long as the person is carrying the firearm with lawful intent and the firearm is not concealed."



Sources: Photography is Not a Crime, Detroit Free PressState of Michigan via Google Cache / Photo Credit: Rmhermen/Wikipedia

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