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Michigan Child Abby Wrobel Shot By Concealed Permit Holder Shooting In His Backyard

Seven-year-old Michigan child Abby Wrobel is recovering after being shot in the arm with a stray bullet on Tuesday.

The bullet travelled from almost 200 yards away. The shooter, who remains unnamed, is one of the Wrobel’s neighbors.  He was practicing shooting his gun when one of his shots missed the target, crossed through a field, and ripped through Abby’s arm. Abby’s younger sister, Ella, was narrowly missed by the bullet as well.

Wrobel’s mother, Jodi Scherer, is furious that the man was shooting in the direction of her house.

“I could have easily lost a child. It’s just scary,” she said. “It came from the field and actually hit her up here, I mean how does that happen?

“…you can literally hear my kids playing at that house down there when they're outside,” Scherer continued. “So he knew there were kids down there, he should have never been shooting this way.”

The man, who has a concealed weapons permit, might soon be facing charges for reckless discharge of a firearm causing injury.

Abby described the bullet hitting her as “like a firework going into my arm.” She and her sisters have been too afraid to play outside since the incident, and they run inside whenever they hear gunshots. The girl’s stepfather, Jeremy Stem, posted a Facebook message about the impact the shooting will have on his young stepdaughter.

“Sad she is now going to carry the scar and afraid she will always be afraid to be outside,” he said. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WNEM


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