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Michigan Bill: Concealed Gun Permit Holders Can Also Carry Tasers

The Michigan state Senate has passed a bill that would allow people with concealed weapons permits to add Tasers to their arsenals.

The Detroit News reports that carrying stun guns has been prohibited since 1976. If the bill becomes law, Michigan would become the 43rd state to allow people to carry Tasers, but the only one in which a person would have to be licensed to carry a concealed handgun to carry a Taser.

"I have literally had thousands of people across Michigan contact me by email or phone asking for this to be passed," said bill sponsor St. Sen. Rick Jones. "Mostly women, but many men, too."

Jones admits that if the bill passes, there would be an explosion of stun guns in the state.

"I know many people who have gotten the concealed pistol license and have been waiting for the Taser to be legalized because that's what they really want," Jones said.

Jones said the stun guns that would be legal to carry are different from the ones police have.

"The citizen Taser is a one-shot smaller device made so somebody can carry it in a pocket or purse," Jones said. "It's a totally defensive device (and) the Taser company will not sell the police version to a citizen."


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