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Michigan Baby Sitter Arrested For Abusing 1-Year-Old

A Michigan woman who allegedly abused a 1-year-old and used makeup to cover up the child’s wounds is now facing her punishment.

Erica Smith of Belding, Michigan, has been arrested in connection with the case of child abuse that occurred a few months ago. If convicted, Smith faces up to two years in jail or up to five years of probation, according to Wood TV.

The alleged abuse was reported to have taken place while Smith was baby-sitting her friend’s children in March.

Belding Police confirmed the reported incident happened when the child’s mother picked her up from Smith’s care and noticed the 1-year-old covered in makeup. Police say the makeup was used to conceal marks of abuse on the child’s body.

Bree Rothman, the mother of the young girl, said Smith had been her friend for about five years before the incident. Rothman said Smith had baby-sat her 1-year-old daughter Amiyah, and Amiyah’s twin sisters.

Reports say Rothman discovered the makeup was used to conceal the abuse after giving Amiyah a bath. Once the makeup was washed away, she says she saw claw marks and cuts all over the child’s body.

The Belding Police Department has since pursued the alleged abuse case. A felony complaint was presented to the court by the department in late June.

Probable cause documents state that police interviews with Smith led to her recent arrest. The department said Smith did “knowingly or intentionally cause physical harm to a child.” She was arraigned in late June, Fox 17 reported.

Officials said Smith’s bond was set at $2,000.

Source: Wood TV, Fox 17 News

Photo Credit: Bree Rothman via Wood TV


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