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Michigan AG: Medical Marijuana Law Being Exploited

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

Yet another example of elected officials who believe they voted to give us an inch of medical marijuana and we took a mile of legalization…

(WOODTV.COM) – Michigan’s new attorney general says the state’s medical marijuana act is being “exploited by those who really are making a mockery of laws across the state of Michigan.”

The law was intended to aid people going through an incurable illness or a very difficult disease, Attorney General Bill Schuette told 24 Hour News 8.  But, he said, it’s now being used by people who want to effectively legalize marijuana in the state.  The attorney general made the comments in an interview Thursday night before addressing the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police in Grand Rapids.  The marijuana law was one of the association’s topics earlier Thursday.  Schuette said he is confident the new state legislature will work to “correct” a law he calls both “poorly crafted” and “loosely written.”

Critics charge that communities and companies are violating the intent of voters who passed the law in 2008.  But Schuette said there are forces out there trying to twist the law in the opposite direction and legalize drugs, something he said would be “a big mistake for our state.”

“Forces out there!”  It must be that well-financed drug legalization lobby again.  Or, it could be that 63% of Michigan voters knew exactly what they were voting for and it’s only the law enforcement agencies who are complaining they can’t bust every pothead they find anymore.

Addressing the chiefs Thursday night, the attorney general said he saw public safety as his top priority.  And as the state looks to cut more than $1 billion from its budget, Schuette said Michigan needs to drive its prison costs down through competitive bidding for services such as food, maintenance, laundry and health care.

It’s rare that I get such a juicy bit of irony.  In one paragraph the attorney general says legalizing marijuana would be a huge mistake; in the next he’s complaining about rising prison costs.


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