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Michelle Obama Puts Animals First When it Comes to Hair Care


Here's a heady new reason to love fur-free style icon Michelle Obama: When it comes to her hair, the first lady puts animals first.

Michelle treats her picture-perfect coif with Paul Labrecque's compassionate, luxurious, and affordable Straight Finish.
Not only that, but Yusef Williams, the gifted man behind Michelle's
now-iconic bob, is a Labrecque hairstylist. So why does this matter?
Well, Labrecque has signed PETA's pledge not to test on animals,
guaranteeing consumers like Michelle Obama that neither his company nor
its suppliers have tested on animals.

It's no coincidence that the most buzz-worthy trendsetter in D.C. is
also cruelty-free. Revered for her high-minded elegance, Michelle makes
the smartest fashion choices—beautifying herself while saving others.
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