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Michelle Obama, Melania Trump Cartoon Ignites Twitter

A political cartoon comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to Melania Trump has drawn scorn from social media users who claim that the cartoon promotes misogynist and racist values.

The cartoon, drawn by artist Ben Garrison, portrays Michelle Obama as a scowling, muscular caricature with a bulge in her skirt. Next to Obama is Melania Trump, wife of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, drawn as a feminine figure, with makeup and long white gloves. "Make The First Lady Great Again!" reads the cartoon.

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After Garrison posted the cartoon to Twitter, users on the social media site reacted with outrage, saying that the cartoon was sexist, racist, and transphobic for its portrayal of Obama, according to the Daily Mail. "Honestly this is racist as hell and reverts back to stereotypes that black women are angry and masculine," tweeted Femi H., one of many users who responded to Garrison's tweet.

"Why you body shaming? Michelle is beautiful and great. And not only that, but a good person. Smh," tweeted another user. SMH is an acronym for "Shaking my head."

"You know, I'm *just* now noticing the bulge. So it's not only misogynoiristic's trans-misogynoiristic AF," tweeted another user. Misogynoiristic is a term used to identify misogyny that specifically targets black women, according to Mic.

Other users pointed out Obama's prestigious qualifications. "A Princeton and Harvard Law School educated lawyer vs. a Slovenia high-school dropout turned model/goldigger. #yeahright," said Marcus Wesson.

Garrison appeared unfazed by the negative social media reactions. "#Triggered over a cartoon. Sad!," he tweeted, adding that the controversy had gained him new Twitter followers. He also called those offended by the cartoon "cry babies," and said that his work was satire.

"Satire could strip naked, paint itself purple and yell 'Satire-satire!' and they still wouldn't see it," he posted.

Garrison, who runs GrrGraphics, has expressed his support for Donald Trump before, but told Breitbart that he identifies more as a libertarian than a conservative. "He doesn’t require a teleprompter to speak his mind and he doesn’t give two shakes about political correctness. That’s refreshing. He’s also fun to draw," said Garrison about the nominee.

Source: Daily Mail, Mic, Breitbart / Photo credit: U. S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr, Twitter via Daily Mail

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