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Michelle Obama Slammed For High-Slit Skirt (Photo)

Michelle Obama Slammed For High-Slit Skirt (Photo) Promo Image

Former first lady Michelle Obama is facing harsh criticism for her appearance after photos from a trip to Spain emerged.

Obama was boarding a yacht while visiting American diplomat James Costos and his partner, Michael Smith, in Mallorca, Spain, reports ET.

She was photographed wearing a white camisole and flashing her legs in a blue-and-white bird-print wrap skirt with a high-slit that raised some eyebrows.

"Ugh, does she even have any underwear on?" wrote one person in the AOL comments section under the article. "I mean, really…"

"Next we will just see her in a bathing suit and then topless," commented a second.

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"When a liberal such as Michelle Obama goes half naked it is celebrated," remarked another, noting how the original ET piece praised Michelle's appearance. "Can you imagine the shock of the liberals if Melania ever did this? Double standard much you liberals? You should hang your heads in shame but you have no shame."

A few rushed to Obama's defense, with some shaming current first lady Melania Trump in return.

"No, Michelle Obama is in NO way like the posed-nude-for-money Melania," shot back one, referring to nude photos Melania took when she worked as a model.

Others simply criticized those making rude comments as "mean" and "hateful."

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"So many times have I read posts stating how hateful and mean spirited libs are," said another. "Seems like libs are not the only mean spirited and hateful ones. Judging by some of these posts, cons can be that way also."

It's just one of a handful of times both first ladies have been shamed for their looks.

Each time a new photo is released, debate rages and fingers are pointed, while others often deride both sides for their sexism and immaturity.

"Slut-shaming Melania Trump is as wrong as it was when conservatives went after Michelle Obama with their feigned Victorian-era ethics regarding the FLOTUS baring her toned arms in stylish sleeveless dresses or doing push-ups in the Oval Office," writes Laurel Dickman for Wear Your Voice Magazine. "Stop slut-shaming Melania Trump. You’re contradicting yourselves."

"One demonstrates enormous immaturity by being offended and feeling violated by what another person wears, by what another person believes, by thinking that her views on political matters are the only valid ones possible," wrote one Fox News reader after the media criticized Melania Trump for wearing stilettos on her way to visit Hurricane Harvey victims. "Maturity means accepting that others are as flawed as we are, that things are sometimes said in the heat of the moment which can be excused if one apologizes, and that if someone says or does something we do find offensive we  can argue the issue without name calling and fists flying."

Sources: ET via AOL, Wear Your Voice Magazine, Fox News / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Splash News/InStyle, The White House/Wikimedia Commons

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