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Michele Bachmann Accuses President Obama of "Islamist Jihad"

After a bizarre trip to Egypt, Representative Michele Bachmann appeared on Understanding The Times, a radio show which tracks the coming of the biblical apocalypse. Rep. Bachmann has appeared with host Jan Markell on the show before, last year warning that “President Obama is trying to ‘lift up the Islamists’ and impose ‘Islamic speech codes’ that would ‘take away the free speech rights of the American people.’”

Rep. Bachmann made even more outlandish and blatantly false claims on her most recent appearance on the show. She suggested that President Obama has given tacit approval to the Muslim Brotherhood in order to “revive the Ottoman Empire.” “They are committed to reestablishing a global caliphate,” she says, and then proceeds to accuse the Obama Administration’s engagement strategy of being merely a front to unite the two. She also wrongly suggested that President Obama wants deposed President Mohamed Morsi restored to power.

The Congresswoman also discussed her recent trip to Egypt, in which she and two Republican colleagues visited the country and gave an odd press conference for Egyptian television. In the beginning of the conference, Rep. Bachmann uses a tone of voice one would expect on Sesame Street rather than an international press conference in a troubled Democracy. Rep. Steve King of Iowa coaches Rep. Bachmann in the first few seconds when she seems to be unable to recall with whom they’d met that day. She also falsely ties the Muslim Brotherhood to 9/11 and endorses “the brutal repression of opposition groups,” according to Right Wing Watch.

Rep. Bachmann is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee to determine whether or not she misused her campaign finances, such as paying her campaign staff with PAC money. The Congresswoman has hired noted GOP “Fixer” Nancy Watkins as the committee intensifies the probe.


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