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Michael Vartan Talks Puppy Love

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As Dr. Tom Wakefield on TNT's hit hospital drama, HawthoRNe, Michael Vartan sees that his patients get the very best care. Off-camera, it's his dog, Millie, who gets all the TLC. In a new TV spot for PETA, Michael reminds guardians that dogs are members of the family and deserve our time and attention.

"It's really easy to make a huge difference in your dog's life," he says. "I just try and involve [Millie] as much as I can in my everyday activities."

In an exclusive interview, Michael shares his thoughts on adopting animal companions, the cruelty of circuses and slaughterhouses, and how every single person has the power to help animals.

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Want more Michael? (Did we even need to ask?) HawthoRNe returns on June 14, but until then, you can hear some of Michael's tips for making every day of the summer a "dog day" and see a too-cute-for-words video of Michael and Millie on the town here.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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