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Michael Savage Calls Barack Obama ‘First Muslim President’ And Questions Terror Alerts

Radio host Michael Savage questioned whether or not the terror alert is real or if it’s just an attempt to justify spying on American citizens before adding that Barack Obama is the “first Muslim president.”

“Do you believe this terror alert is real, or an attempt to justify spying on American citizens?” Savage asked during his program. “Why should I believe this at all?”

When a caller to the program noted that the last evening of Ramadan is the night of power and suggested that they could find a “camel leaded with C-4,” Savage mused on the origins of alleged Muslim violence.

 “Where does this come from, that an offshoot, or a segment of individuals within the religion, believe it’s their duty now to go and kill and blow things up?” the host asked. “What about Christmas? Doesn’t Christmas empower Christians? How come don’t they go out on a rampage at the end of Christmas?”

When the caller then asked why Obama had a Ramadan party, but no Christmas party, Savage stated, “He’s the first Muslim president, everybody knows that. Why are we even mincing words about it? His first father was an African Mulsim. His second father was an Indonesian Muslim. Isn’t it true that most boys are impressed by their father’s religion, practice their father’s religion? Why are we shocked by this? Why is it even a question?”

According to The Raw Story, Savage was fired from his MSNBC show a decade ago when he called a gay caller a “sodomite” and told the man “You should only get AIDS and die, you pig.”

Hear the audio of Savage called Obama the “first Muslim president.”

Sources: Mediaite, The Raw Story


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