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Michael Ruiz Dies as Police 'Help' Him With Taser, Choke Hold (Video)

For reasons unknown, Michael Ruiz climbed onto the roof of his Phoenix apartment building on July 28.

Concerned witnesses called the police to help him down, but those calls for "help" would result in Ruiz's death.

Neighbors shot video (below) of the bizarre incident from outside the apartment building, reports ABC 15.

Police reportedly Tased Ruiz on the roof, then he jumped off the roof onto some nearby stairs where police grabbed and placed him in a choke hold.

According to witness Gary Carthen, the police Tased Ruiz several more times while keeping him in a choke hold for about three minutes.

Police then dragged Ruiz down the cement stairs, allowing his head to hit each one.

Ruiz's father, a former LAPD detective, said:

"I just felt sick to my stomach," said Ruiz's father, a former LAPD detective. "I'd never seen anything like this before, even when I was with the police department. I don't want to see anyone else's son killed like this."

There is no word as to what Ruiz's alleged crime was, but the Phoenix Police Department is investigating the incident.

Source: ABC 15


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