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Michael Pilato Found Guilty of Planning to Kill Family

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Michael Pilato, the 16-year-old charged with killing his father and two brothers by setting their house on fire, was found guilty this week.

The jury announced its decision on Wednesday and convicted Pilato of all counts, including intentional second-degree murder, even after defense attorneys claimed he was suffering an extreme emotional disturbance.

Pilato set fire to his home on December 7, 2011 after dousing the interior with gasoline. He killed his 71-year-old father Carmen, 16-year-old brother Peter and 12-year-old brother Joshua.

District attorney Sanra Doorley called Pilato a monster, and most of his family agrees.

“We are all united as a team, with the exception of his mother,” Angel Pilato-Shuman, Pilato’s stepsister, said. “I’m not exactly sure why she is siding.”

When Elaine Pilato, Michael’s mother, woke up in the hospital with burns, her first request was to see her son. Despite what he did, she insists that he is still a loving member of the family.

Mrs. Pilato has vowed to help him make the right choices because she says no one else will.

“As much disruption as he caused in a day,” she said, referring to Peter, “I would give my life to have one more day like that.”

Mrs. Pilato has continued to distance herself from the family, having little interaction with them since the beginning of the trial. When one of her daughters finally invited Mrs. Pilato to dinner after weeks of silence she declined, adding that visiting her son was more important.

Sources: Your News Now, The Huffington Post


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