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Michael Moore Doesn’t Support Our Troops -- and Neither Do You

Never one to shy away from expressing his thoughts, Michael Moore has had a lot to say in this last month. Now, he’s shifted his attention from gun laws to the troops with the jaw-dropping statement, “I don’t support the troops, America, and neither do you.”

This morning on his blog, Moore explains that, as a sort of New Years resolution, we should stop saying that we support the troops, claiming most of say it with “false sincerity” and that many of the troops “see right through the bull****” of the statement.

While, yes, on paper Moore’s statement seems abominable. However, if you read further through his blog post, you find what he was really trying to say.

Moore explains that in the recent years, military leaders have been doing things that aren’t related to saving Americans’ lives. While he understands why so many enlisted after 9/11, he questions why men and women enlist now for this, as he calls it, “rogue organization.”

Conservative group Move America Forward immediately attacked him and his statements. Other individuals in the social media realm also condemned Moore’s words.

In an attempt to further clarify the touchy subject, Moore wrote again on both his blog and Facebook page, “I have enormous respect for anyone who would offer to sacrifice their life to defend my right to live.”

He continues, saying that it’s not the troops’ fault what they’re ordered to do. It’s the American people’s responsibility to vote for representatives who are working towards peace, not continuing war or putting the troops in danger.

The biggest punch was directed towards those who say they support the troops. He wrote on his Facebook, “help a homeless vet today? How ‘bout yesterday? Last week? Last year? Ever? But I thought you ‘support the troops!’”

Moore also mentions several other ways the troops aren’t shown support, including bankers foreclosing on homes owned by soldiers while they’re overseas and veterans who end up without a job or homeless.

While Moore’s headline is shocking, his argument isn’t so outlandish. He is not asking for people to stop supporting the troops, but to stop saying you do unless you’re really doing something about it. Just as it is the troops’ responsibility to protect us, it is our responsibility to protect them by electing officials with the right goals in mind and by assisting veterans in some way.

Whether or not you agree with Moore’s statement, it makes you rethink the statement “I support the troops” and what supporting the troops really entails.

Should one say they support something if they aren’t actually doing something about it? Is simply saying that you support the troops hypocritical and dishonest?


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