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Michael Moore: Democrats Need Better Candidates

Michael Moore: Trump Will Be Re-Elected In 2020 Promo Image

Filmmaker and liberal activist Michael Moore has asserted that the Democratic Party needs to run demonstrably beloved candidates in both local and national elections if they want to retake power. In Moore's view, Democrats should unabashedly tout liberal agenda items and convince celebrities to run for office to counter President Donald Trump.

On July 31, Moore chastised the Democratic Party for its electoral strategy, asserting that party figures were relying on old tactics and not learning from the 2016 election.

"We've won the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections, and yet we sit here this morning with no power, nothing," Moore told MSNBC. "[Republicans] have everything. Democrats control six of the 50 state capitals. Six."

In Moore's view, the majority of Americans believe in liberal policy positions but do not connect with the majority of Democratic candidates. The filmmaker asserted that the party would not be able to sweep the 2018 midterms or oust Trump in the 2020 election if it did not change course.

"The Democrats have yet to offer what the alternative is," Moore continued. "Like: 'We're going to take the House back' -- and really? Where are all of those great candidates next year?"

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"Find the beloved American in your district and run that person that can win," the filmmaker concluded. 'We need to start running people who can win and who are beloved by the American people and who understand how to talk to the American people."

Moore was among the most accurate prognosticators during the 2016 presidential race. The filmmaker had predicted that Trump would win the election by outperforming previous GOP nominees in the Rust Belt.

"I actually contacted the people in the Clinton campaign and said: 'I think you need to spend more time in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania,'" Moore said during a July 2017 interview with CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

"These are the Brexit states of America," Moore continued. "And there's a lot of angry people. They don't sort of like Trump that much, but they see him as their human Molotov cocktail that they want to just throw into the system that has hurt them so badly. And I couldn't get anybody to listen to me."

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On Aug. 3, Moore suggested that Democrats should run famous Hollywood figures to counter Trump's star power.

"Who wouldn't vote for Tom Hanks for president of the United States?" Moore told ABC's "The View." "C'mon! Or Oprah!"

Moore has previously suggested that Republicans have won elections by running celebrities. In November 2016, Moore asserted a week before the election that Trump's success as a candidate stemmed from his years hosting "Celebrity Apprentice."

"Trump is a well-liked, very popular TV star," Moore told The Daily Beast. "And one thing the Republicans have learned -- when they run Ronald Reagan, when they run Arnold Schwarzenegger -- when they run stars, they win. Democrats don't do that ... I've never understood that."

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