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Michael Miller Told By Police to Remove T-Shirt with F-Word, Arrested

Michael Miller, who was wearing a T-shirt with the F-word on it, refused to leave the Barnet Park in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and was subsequently arrested last Saturday.

Miller's novelty shirt read: "I May Not Be Mr. Right But I’ll F*ck You ‘Til He Shows Up" (pictured to the left with blurring by Opposing Views).

Miller was wearing the shirt during a 'Rock the Denim' event in the park, which was staged to raise awareness about sexual violence against women.

Police told Miller that he could not wear the shirt in a public park, but Miller insisted he would wear the shirt any "fu*king" place he wanted to, according to

Miller was given a trespassing warning by police, but still refused to leave the park. He yelled profanity at the police and made an obscene gesture with his finger.

He was then arrested for disorderly conduct and posted bail on Saturday night.



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