Michael Keenan Freed After 24 Years on Death Row

After 24 years on death row, Michael Keenan was freed by Judge John Russo in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reports Cleveland.com.

Keenan, 62, was convicted of killing Tony Klann in 1988 in Cleveland's Rockefeller Park.

Co-defendant Joe D'Ambrosio, who also was convicted of killing Klann, was freed in 2009 after a federal judge determined that evidence, which could have freed him, was withheld by prosecutors.

A Catholic priest, who befriended D'Ambrosio in prison, worked with lawyers to uncover evidence that had been withheld by prosecutors at the trial.

The withheld evidence included police statements that concluded Klann could not have been killed at Doan Brook in Cleveland's Rockefeller Park, as the prosecutors' only eyewitness claimed.

The withheld evidence also included information about the man, who led police to Keenan and D'Ambrosio. The unidentified man reportedly had a possible motive for killing Klann.


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