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Michael Dunn Loud Music Murder Trial Juror Speaks Out: Shooting Was 'Unnecessary'

A juror in the Michael Dunn “loud music murder trial,” in which a middle-aged white man escaped murder charges on claims of self-defense in the killing of a black teen, wants the world to know that she didn't buy it. 

The juror told ABC News in an interview that she knew the jury would not be unanimous from the very beginning.

The panel was instructed to read the jury instructions and decide whether Dunn was “justified or unjustified” in murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis. They were split between charges of first- and second-degree murder and manslaughter, unable to agree on whether Dunn was forced into shooting Davis out of self-defense.

“It said if he believed that he had an eminent threat to himself or his fiancee, so that was a thing that those two folks believed – he was frightened and there was no other option for him in regards to Mr. Davis," said Juror #4, who asked to be identified only as Valerie. "The rest of us were 100 percent sure, you didn't have to react [with gunfire], you could have had another option."

Valerie thinks Dunn could have acted differently and avoided the shooting, simply leaving the parking lot, putting his car in reverse, or ignoring the loud music. Justified or not, all the jurors concurred that Dunn should not have escalated the situation by shooting at the other kids in the car.

"We looked at a lot of evidence – and myself, it was where the gunshots were, the timing. Could he have had other options? To me, [the shooting] was unnecessary,” she concluded.

But Valerie also said that the jurors strongly debated the issue and that they all valued the life had been taken.

"Folks don't know the law. It's not that we didn't value Mr. Davis life. We had to make a choice," she said.

While the contentious murder charge resulted in a hung jury, Dunn was convicted of three charges of attempted murder for the other shots fired. He will be sentenced next month. He faces 60 years in prison—a sentence his lawyers are planning to fight.

Sources: ABC News, CNN, New York Daily News


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