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Michael Brown's Mother Reacts Strongly To Indictment Decision Monday Night (Video)

Michael Brown’s mother was captured on camera following the decision by the grand jury not to indict her the man who killed her son.

Once the announcement was made that the grand jury would not indict Darren Wilson, Michael Brown’s grieving mother Lesley McSpadden reacted with outrage.

“You motherf**kers think this is a joke!” shouted McSpadden, obviously distraught by the news. “They think this is a f**king joke!”

As supporters surrounded her, she continued to blast those who made the decision.

“Y’all know you’re all wrong!” she shouted. “Y’all know you’re all wrong! And anybody out here who don’t think so, I don’t give a f**k! They wrong! Everybody wants me to be calm – do you know how them bullets hit my son? Ain’t nobody had to live through what I had to live through.”

As tears streamed down her face, McSpadden’s words seemed to incite more anger and frustration among the people protesting the decision. Sadly, despite the pleas of Michael Brown’s parents to not react violently, protests turned into riots in Ferguson on Monday night as riot police used tear gas and smoke bombs to control the angry people.

Watch raw video of McSpadden’s tearful reaction below.

Sources:The Blaze, Washington Post / Photo Sources:Jezebel, The Blaze


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