Michael Brown's Family Under Investigation for Assault and Theft After a Violent Argument


After the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer, his aggrieved mother, Lesley McSpadden, asked people not to exploit her son’s death for personal gain.

According to Fox 2, this week McSpadden was allegedly involved in an attack against her own family members after she found them selling Michael Brown t-shirts and other merchandise.

On Saturday, just blocks from where Michael was slain, Brown’s grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, along with Brown’s cousin Tony Petty, were reportedly selling their goods when they were attacked.

According to police reports obtained by Fox 2, a car pulled up to the their makeshift stand in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ and several people went to confront the vendors, including McSpadden. 

“You can’t sell this s***,” McSpadden reportedly yelled in the clash. One of the family members responded by demanding she show proof she had rights to his items.

The police report also allegedly noted that’s when the confrontation took a violent turn and someone with McSpadden beat Petty so badly with a metal pipe that 911 was called. Petty was then rushed to Christian Northeast Hospital and the person who attacked him stole a box of cash containing $1400 and the merchandise. 

No one has been arrested at this point, but it is believed there may be relevant footage on surveillance cameras in the area.

The incident comes just one day after Michael Brown’s autopsy results were released. An independent investigation found Brown, who was just 18 when he died August 9, was initially shot in the hand at close range by Officer Darren Wilson. The news is expected to cause more turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, a town that has been consistently protesting since Brown was shot, despite being unarmed. 

Fox 2 reporters reached out to Brown’s family attorney, Anthony D. Gray, to ask about the fight between Brown’s relatives, but he declined to comment.

Sources: Fox 2, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Image via Associated Press


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